Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 7

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 7

Big for Seventh Grade

  • It's Moose's first day of school and he's not really looking forward to it.
  • He tries to be inconspicuous entering the classroom, but his teacher, Miss Bimp, says hello. She comments on his height, and makes a snarky comment questioning whether he's repeating seventh grade. Nice to meet you, too, Miss Bimp… not.
  • While they're working on preparing presentations about their summer breaks, Moose manages to make friends with a kid named Scout, who agrees to play ball with him after school.
  • It's time for Piper's presentation. She makes a big deal about a solo that she sang for the prisoners, then she points Moose out to the rest of the class—along with the fact that they live on Alcatraz together. It's an instant dilemma: Moose was told not to talk about Alcatraz, but he'll look like a jerk if he doesn't say anything.
  • When it's Moose's turn to give a presentation, he blurts out a story about his family eating a meal that was cooked by the convicts. It's a success.
  • On their way out of class, Piper catches up to him. She tells him that she's starting a business in the school and asks if he wants to help. She's starting a laundry service—you know, so kids at school can have their shirts washed by famous convicts. Moose asks if her dad knows about this, but duh, he does not.
  • Before Moose can agree or disagree to help her out, Piper disappears into the girls' bathroom.

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