Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1, Chapter 9

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 1, Chapter 9

Nice Little Church Boy

  • Theresa is waiting for Moose by his front door after school. There's also a note from his mom saying she's out getting her hair done.
  • Theresa tells Moose that they're going to a parade to meet her brother, who's apparently his age.
  • They catch up with the other kids. There's a girl named Annie, and a boy named Jimmy, Theresa's brother, who's working on a marble-shooting machine.
  • Moose has his baseball glove, and so they all start playing catch. Unfortunately, the other kids don't seem to really be very good.
  • Theresa starts chattering about how her mom is having a baby. Noticing Annie, who's pretending to read a book but seems to be listening in, Moose offers to play ball with her. And guess what? She turns out to be pretty good. Yay.
  • Moose makes a comment about Piper, and Annie warns him that unless he gets along with her, she'll make trouble.
  • Piper shows up and taunts Moose for not wanting to be a part of her laundry service, calling him a "nice little church boy" (8.75).
  • Moose asks Piper how she's so sure that he won't tell her dad about the plan. Piper, however, doesn't seem worried.

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