Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 2, Chapter 21

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 2, Chapter 21

It Never Rains on Monday

  • February and March breeze by, and it rains constantly—except on Mondays. The day that Moose can't play baseball, the sun is always out. Way to add insult to injury, sun.
  • Life on Alcatraz is boring. Moose hasn't heard from his old friend Pete in forever; Annie is busy going to church with her mom; Piper has moved away to live with her grandmother for a while.
  • Moose has his baseball stuff back, but now he doesn't have anyone to play with.
  • He plays with Jimmy and Theresa when he can, but since their mom has a new baby, they're often busy.
  • Natalie hasn't had a fit since that fateful day with the kicked can. She seems a bit easier to manage, even though she still has her button collection.
  • Things stay pretty status quo until March, when the weather warms up a little and Piper comes back to town. As Moose's dad says, "here comes trouble" (21.12).
  • Piper calls a meeting after school as soon as she gets back. New scheme: They're going to take a boat and stalk Al Capone's mom, who is paying her son a visit. How does Piper know this stuff? She reads his mail.
  • She argues that this can't get them into trouble, since they're allowed to ride the boat.
  • Theresa insists on bringing her baby brother, but Piper shoots it down. She also strongly "suggests" that Natalie be left behind. Moose is ready, though, and makes it clear that this is his decision, not Piper's.

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