Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 2, Chapter 22

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 2, Chapter 22

Al Capone's Mama

  • Piper shows up on the boat dressed for success. Theresa has decided to stay home with the baby.
  • They watch everyone file onto the boat, and then they hear a bloodcurdling scream. So much for staying behind—Theresa shows up, carrying the baby, who screams for the entire boat ride.
  • Once they get closer to their stop, they single out the only woman who could be Capone's mom: an old, square looking Italian lady.
  • Piper walks up and introduces herself, but the woman is reading and ignores her. To get her attention, Piper drops her purse on Mrs. Capone's foot. The woman looks up for a moment… then continues to read.
  • Piper's next ploy is to use the baby. In her excitement, she addresses Mrs. Capone by name, but the woman ignores Piper and goes right for the baby—she taps Theresa on the shoulder and asks to hold him.
  • As Mrs. Capone cradles the baby, singing an Italian lullaby, the baby stops crying. Once they reach the dock, she hands the peaceful baby back to Theresa.
  • Mrs. Capone sets the metal detector off. The kids watch in fascination as the police escort her away to a separate room.
  • A second later, a police officer comes out and asks Jimmy to run and get his mom, who speaks Italian.
  • They watch until Mrs. Mattaman comes out with Mrs. Capone, who shakes her head and gets back on the boat. Apparently her corset set off the metal detector, but the old woman was so rattled that she's turning around to leave.
  • This scene really leaves an impression on Moose. He thinks about her as any other mother, and how she must love her own baby boy who ended up in Alcatraz Prison.

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