Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 2, Chapter 26

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 2, Chapter 26

Convict Baseball

  • Moose is terrified. Where could Natalie have gone?
  • He finally finds her, sitting on a rock and talking to a man who is wearing all denim—a convict.
  • The man has a missing tooth and seems to be smiling; he also has his hair all greased, which doesn't make sense because convicts aren't allowed hair products. Maybe he's not a con?
  • The most amazing thing, though, is that Natalie is smiling. Actually smiling. Moose has never seen her look truly happy before.
  • The man sees Moose and pulls a baseball from under his coat. Moose is so scared that he thinks it's a gun, though, and he starts yelling.
  • The man tells him to "take it easy" (26.11) and walks away after giving Natalie the ball.
  • While they're walking away, Moose notices that one leg is shorter than the other—and the number on the guy's back is 105.

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