Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 2, Chapter 27

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 2, Chapter 27

  • Moose is beyond scared. He remembers what the warden told him: "some of these convicts haven't seen a woman in ten or fifteen years" (27.1). He tells himself that he was only gone for about ten minutes.
  • Natalie is pulling back as they walk, but Moose tugs her to keep up.
  • He thinks about all of this. The man must have seen them the last time they were there, when Natalie was repeating that number; he was probably trying to buy Moose off today.
  • Moose starts yelling at Natalie out of frustration, and when they get back to town, Piper's been watching the whole thing. Great. Moose tries to deny it, but Piper goes right to the source.
  • She sees the ball in Natalie's hand and holds her hand out. Natalie never gives her things away, but she gives Piper the ball with no hesitation. Huh.
  • Piper asks her where it came from and Natalie's only response is "105".
  • Piper is confused, but persists until she figures it out. When she does, she is beyond excited. Moose tries to shut her up but Piper's so excited she can barely contain herself; as Moose shuts the door of his apartment, she's prattling on about selling convicts' autographs.

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