Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 2, Chapter 28

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 2, Chapter 28

Tall for Her Age

  • Moose tells himself that the best thing to do is tell his parents. After all, he did nothing wrong.
  • His mom comes back with a newspaper clipping about the Esther P. Marinoff School, which apparently is very successful and renowned. She's ecstatic and starts going on and on about how Natalie is improving. Moose doesn't interrupt her until Mom makes a comment about Natalie being ten—they've been telling people for years that she's ten.
  • His mom is furious with Moose.
  • Moose says he needs to talk to her, but she tells him his father will be home soon and they can talk then.
  • Moose tells his parents later that night that he doesn't think it's safe for Natalie to follow him around because a convict "noticed" her. It's a bit of a white lie, but there's still some truth in it.
  • His mom doesn't seem worried, though, and starts talking about Natalie's improved communication skills.
  • Then she explodes, telling Moose that she refuses to change anything about Natalie's day, and accusing him of a bad attitude.
  • His dad understands. He tells Moose that he's been really helpful to Natalie lately, and he thanks Moose for telling them, before saying that he needs to talk to Mom alone.

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