Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 2, Chapter 29

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 2, Chapter 29

Convict Choir Boy

  • Moose decides to avoid Piper. She gave Scout the baseball, and Scout seems pretty over the whole idea.
  • Scout also tells Moose that Piper has a crush on him—he tries to get Moose to admit that he likes her back, but Moose denies it. Of course.
  • Piper corners Moose after school with a brand-new scheme.
  • She's fixated on the idea of 105 and wants his help to arrange a meeting with Natalie and the con—if the convict tries anything bad, they can catch him in the act.
  • The more she talks about her wild notions, the more Moose tries to block her out.
  • And now the truth comes out: She's already tried to talk to 105 and he's ignored her. And here's the scoop on why he was wandering around outside the prison walls: He only has a year left on Alcatraz, so they give him some freedom, figuring he won't try to break out when he's so close to being released.
  • Moose stops to consider if she's telling the truth, but she sounds like she's being honest.
  • Piper starts being more annoying, making very inappropriate comments about 105 and Natalie.
  • Moose tells her that he has to keep his sister safe until the tryouts for the Marinoff School in a month. He asks why Piper cares about this so much.
  • Duh—Piper wants to meet Al Capone. And she thinks that 105 might be a good start.

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