Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 3, Chapter 33

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 3, Chapter 33

The Sun and the Moon

  • As Natalie's interview date gets closer, everyone gets more nervous. What if something goes wrong? Her birthday is the night before the interview, and they can't decide whether it will be a bigger mistake to celebrate it or ignore it.
  • The birthday comes, and they've planned a small party. Mom gets ready to leave and tells Moose to keep Natalie calm at all costs—they can't afford a fit.
  • All is calm. Natalie is drawing pictures of the moon, which is her latest obsession, and Moose begins reading a book. Then there is a pounding at the door.
  • Piper. Great. Moose answers the door to tell her to go away, but as usual, Piper is pushy, and before he knows it, she's standing in their living room.
  • Piper just wants to wish Natalie a happy birthday, which she does and then turns to leave. As she walks out Moose finds himself wishing she would stay, but slams the door before he changes his mind.
  • Suddenly, things go south. Natalie starts ripping up the moons and rushes to the front door, wanting to go outside. Frantically trying to keep peace, Moose walks with her outside. Piper finds them, unfortunately.
  • After pacing a couple of times, Natalie marches off toward the stairs where they looked for the baseballs—and where she met 105.
  • Piper and Moose follow, watching her. And then they see the convict appear and greet Natalie in a friendly, gentle manner.
  • Then 105 takes Natalie's hand. Moose starts to cry. As he watches her with this criminal, who's really not all that much older than she is, he starts to see his sister as a regular, sixteen-year-old girl. It seems both awful and normal at the same time.

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