Study Guide

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 3, Chapter 36

By Gennifer Choldenko

Part 3, Chapter 36


  • Moose quietly gets ready for school the next morning as his mom watches him, her face puffy from crying.
  • After school, he comes home to the family plus Theresa, and everyone's in a great mood—Natalie was a shining success in her interview.
  • His mom says that she wants to talk to Moose. They walk outside, leaving Theresa inside with Natalie.
  • His mom tells Moose that when she went to bed, she realized why he spoke out: He cares about his sister, even though he knew that defending her would cause lots of upset.
  • Moose is quiet. He's really mad at his mom, and doesn't want to give in so easily. But eventually he's holding back tears.
  • This is a huge moment. His mom has never stopped to think about how Moose's perspective, and she admits that they need to talk to the doctor about Natalie's age.
  • That night, Mom makes a delicious dinner. But then Mrs. Caconi knocks on the door, and Dad gets up and leaves. When he comes back, he has bad news: Natalie was rejected from the Marinoff school again.

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