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Ali Mukhtab in Alanna: The First Adventure

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Ali Mukhtab

This Bazhir man is the governor of Persopolis Castle. He is tall "with walnut brown skin, glossy black hair and a trimmed black mustache. His large dark eyes were framed with long black lashes" (7.21). He seems odd to Alanna at first, but she ends up liking him. Ali Mukhtab serves a really important role in the story by explaining to Alanna why Persopolis was built in the first place: to guard the Black City.

In fact, Ali Mukhtab takes Alanna and a few of her friends into the specially constructed Sunset Room to give them a glimpse of the Black City. He explains that the Nameless Ones stole the souls of the Bazhir's ancestors, and they continue to lure Bazhir youths to the city. (Nice, guys.)

Jonathan is in the audience for Ali Mukhtab's story, and he asks the governor to find him a written history of the Bazhir people. If Ali Mukhtab is surprised at his future king's request, he doesn't show it; instead, he bows and answers: "I will see if such a history can be found—or written" (7.63). Ali Mukhtab seems like wise fellow and a good guy to have on your side.

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