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Alanna: The First Adventure Friendship

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Friends make the world go 'round, even fantasy worlds like Tortall. We get the sense that growing up, Alanna's only friend was her twin brother Thom. Now that she's at the palace, surrounded by kids her own age, Alanna: The First Adventure is all about the joys of friendship, as Alanna makes friends with adults too, such as Sir Myles. Come to think of it, Alanna makes friends with practically anyone in her path, except for Ralon and Sir Roger. Maybe Alanna's friend-radar is actually a highly sophisticated moral detection system. Can we get one of those for the FBI?

Questions About Friendship

  1. What do all of Alanna's friends have in common? Is there some common trait that attracts her to them?
  2. How do the concepts of duty and chivalry affect friendships in the book?
  3. Who do you think Alanna's best friend is? Why?
  4. How can Alanna be such good friends with the other pages and yet not trust them with her secret?

Chew on This

Any character who does not end up as Alanna's friend in the book is bad news.

Alanna's ability to make friends transcends class boundaries.

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