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Alas, Babylon Three-Act Plot Analysis

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Three-Act Plot Analysis

Act I

Randy Bragg is a failed politician from the tiny town of Fort Repose, Florida. One day, out of the blue, his brother Mark, a major military official, contacts him with serious news—the Russians are about the nuke the United States. Oh great.

Mark sends his wife Helen and children, Peyton and Ben Franklin, down to Fort Repose to lay low, but they're not even there for a day before nukes start falling across the country.

Act II

Although Fort Repose is spared, they still have to deal with a lack of electricity and shortage of supplies. To deal, Randy teams up with his neighbors and friends, including Lib McGovern, a former girlfriend, and Dan Gunn, Fort Repose's only remaining doctor.

They manage to hold things together for a few months, but a major threat arises when gangs of thieving highwaymen start raiding the town. This culminates in a brutal beating of Dan Gunn on his way home from a house call, along with the theft of his medical equipment and car. Oh no. That's bad.


Furious, Randy leads a group of armed men on an assault of the highwaymen, which is successful minus the death of Malachai Henry, who's been with Randy since the beginning. A few months later, the military finally checks in on Fort Repose and offers to evacuate Randy and his friends to government-controlled land. They all refuse. They've spent too long building this community to turn their backs on it now.

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