Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 11

By Michael Scott

Chapter 11

  • Back in their black limo, Dee and his Golem guards are still holding Perenelle captive.
  • The car lurches suddenly, and the squishy Golem splatters on Perenelle's right hand, erasing part of the magic warding spell Dr. John Dee used to imprison her. 
  • With the spell partially broken, she plans her escape.
  • Now we get Perenelle's back-story. Finally—we've been dying to know.
  • According to our narrator, she was always interested in magic; her touch could heal humans and animals, she could talk to shades of the dead, and could even tell a little of the future. 
  • When she moved to Paris she made a living as a fortuneteller, which is where she met Nicholas Flamel. 
  • From the first moment she saw him, she knew that they would marry and live a long (long) happy life together. 
  • They've now been married for 600 years. Yep, that's pretty long.
  • Perry knew many languages and was more interested in magic than her husband, who was more interested in the science of alchemy.
  • At the moment, though, she's more worried about the fact that she's trapped in a limo with a Big Bad and his creepy minions.
  • Time to put her plan into action.
  • Perry performs a spell she learned from a witch in Sicily to escape, and she totals Dee's car. (You really have to check this one out on your own—go ahead—we'll wait for you to read it!).
  • Dr. John Dee gets pretty peeved that his $150,000 car is totaled and that he lost his valuable prisoner. 
  • But he knows things will get much worse when the Morrigan comes along.
  • Okay, we think it's time for the scoop on this mysterious Morrigan.
  • Apparently, the Morrigan is an Irish Crow Goddess, the goddess of death and destruction. 
  • Once there had been three sisters, but now just the Morrigan is left (Dee suspects that she had something to do with her sisters' disappearance).
  • At present, the Morrigan is mainly a problem for Perenelle. Even though she just escaped Dee, the Morrigan's crows recapture Perenelle.
  • The crow goddess looks at the Codex, but doesn't touch it. 
  • Instead, she hisses that Josh will suffer for tearing out the pages of the book. 
  • She says that her "children" are almost upon them. 
  • Once again, we ask: who?