Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 12

By Michael Scott

Chapter 12

  • Josh, Sophie, Flamel and Scatty are tearing up the streets of San Francisco in their SUV as thousands of crows descend upon the Golden Gate Bridge. 
  • Josh is happy that they've almost made it past the bridge when a huge crow lands on the car's hood and pecks a hole in the glass.
  • Scatty pulls out her weapon—a set of nunchaku—to defend herself against the birds. 
  • Flamel says that these are not just ordinary crows—these are Dire Crows—the Morrigan's special pets. 
  • Scatty uses the windshield wiper to sweep the gigantic bird off the car, while Flamel stuns the others with some magic.
  • Beaks as sharp as razors pierce through the ceiling, but Scatty punches them with her nunchaku.
  • Suddenly, a deliciously scented wind blows in. 
  • We'll tell you straight up: this scene is simply breathtaking. It's hands down the most beautiful passage in the whole book. So we'll just point you toward it, and tell you to read it for yourself. And if you're still hungry for more, be sure to read our "Symbols" section for more about the importance of yummy scents throughout the novel.
  • The birds are blown away by the wind, which has been summoned by someone whom Flamel called for help.