Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 13

By Michael Scott

Chapter 13

  • Flamel instructs Josh to turn the car into a thick forest. 
  • A terrified Josh and his sister squeeze each other's hands to comfort one another. They know that whatever happens, they'll always have each other. Awww. Sibling love.
  • After noticing something running alongside the car, Sophie is surprised to find that it is a huge wild boar. 
  • Suddenly, the car is surrounded by these animals, and Scatty and Flamel deduce that they are a particular type of boar—Torc Allta, or wereboars. 
  • Josh asks if wereboars are like werewolves and Scatty says that werewolves are different clan, Torc Madra. (How silly of us, of course they're a totally different clan.)
  • Flamel tells Josh to drive, and at first the twins are hesitant, but then they nod that they trust him. The wereboars turn out to be an illusion, a trick of light twisted through the water vapor. 
  • They disappear as the car drives through a bush. The four enter the domain of one of the oldest and greatest of the Elder Race. 
  • Drumroll please…
  • Scatty doesn't like this person, as we find out "she" had tried to kill Scatty many years ago.
  • Okay, seriously, who is she?
  • She's Hekate (pronounced HEH-ca-tay), the goddess with three faces. She looks as if she has been carved from a solid slab of black stone.