Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 14

By Michael Scott

Chapter 14

  • Flamel bows to greet each of the Torc Allta that have suddenly appeared. 
  • Hekate says that after the Elder Race and the humans are gone, the Torc Allta clan will reclaim the earth. 
  • Oh, and the clan totally worships Hekate as a goddess. No wonder she's a fan.
  • Flamel thanks her for sending the Ghost Wind and tells her they are all in danger because of Dee's plan. 
  • Well it's a good thing I'm so awesome, says Hekate. She's simply too powerful for Dee to hurt her.
  • When Flamel takes out the Codex to explain their situation, Hekate shrinks back and hisses.
  • The Torc Allta suddenly crowd around him, pressing their tusks dangerously close against his skin. Yikes. 
  • Sassy Scatty pulls a bow and arrow and aims it at Hekate. 
  • But Hekate just laughs.
  • Nevertheless, Scatty stands firm and tells the goddess to call off the creatures. 
  • All right, all right. Hekate complies. 
  • She explains that members of the First Generation of the Elder Race do not like being in the Book's presence. 
  • Those of the Next Generation, like Scatty and the Morrigan, can look on it, but not touch it. 
  • Only humans can touch the book—part of Abraham the Mage's plan to make sure only he and his descendants could handle it. Nifty. (Oh, and this Abe guy is the one who made the book in the first place, just so we're clear.)
  • We are getting the picture that Hekate really, really doesn't like the Codex. 
  • In fact, she advocated that every page be separated from the others and thrown into a volcano, along with Abraham himself back in the day. Um, harsh?
  • The book wasn't destroyed, though, because Abraham had the gift of Sight. 
  • He prophesied that there would be a time when the Codex and its knowledge would be needed. 
  • After Hekate's lengthy explanation, Flamel wonders to himself what type of being Abraham was. 
  • Aloud, he asks Hekate what she sees when she looks at the twins, and she says she sees silver and gold. 
  • She speaks a single word in a language the twins don't understand. 
  • Suddenly Josh tastes oranges, and Sophie tastes vanilla ice cream. 
  • Looking at each other, the twins see that Josh has a golden glow about him, while Sophie has a silver aura.
  • Scatty tells them that few people have pure-colored auras like theirs. Ooh, fancy.
  • The last person to have a golden aura was King Tut, and the last to have silver was Joan of Arc. Well now there are some acts to follow. 
  • She tells them that they have extraordinary powers.
  • The twins are a little weirded out because they realize both Joan of Arc and King Tut died young. 
  • But Flamel tries to convince Hekate to take the twins on as students. He wants her to Awaken their untapped magical powers and teach them how to control them.
  • Flamel says that then he will teach them the Five Magics, and together they will retrieve the Codex and save Perenelle. 
  • Hekate laughs and tells Flamel to be careful that he doesn't destroy everyone and everything. 
  • She says she will think over his request.
  • We think the plan sounds just crazy enough to work.