Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 19

By Michael Scott

Chapter 19

  • Sophie and Josh, alone in their room, decide to run away. 
  • They try to convince themselves that magic isn't real, but they know it is. Just think of what they've seen.
  • Josh feels certain that he can find his way back to the car, and uses his video game skills to do just that. 
  • Outside in the moonlight, everything feels wrong to the twins—they realize they're not looking at their moon—instead, they're looking at the night sky as it was thousands of years ago. Cool.
  • Continuing to the car, Sophie says she feels bad about running out on Nicholas Flamel and Scatty, but they decide that they only would have slowed the Alchemyst and vampire down. 
  • There's just one problem with their escape plan: when Josh tries to start the car, the thing won't go. 
  • The battery is drained from magic. 
  • Suddenly, huge bird-serpents appear right in front of them. Sophie recognizes them as pterosaurs—like pterodactyls (the flying dinosaurs) but even older. 
  • Josh is about to shoot some gas out of a fire extinguisher at the creatures, when suddenly the pterosaur talks to them. In English. 
  • It says: "We are not your enemy."
  • Uh, good to know?