Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 2

By Michael Scott

Chapter 2

  • Josh peers out of the cellar, and sees four men staring down the bookshop owner, Nick Fleming. Is the shop being robbed?
  • Although Nick Fleming and the small gray man are not speaking, Josh realizes that something is going on between them. 
  • Both men's fingers are moving, and a green mist is gathering in Fleming's hand, curling into patterns, and drifting onto the floor. 
  • Josh sees foul-smelling yellow smoke gather in the gray man's hands. (Rotten eggs, anyone?)
  • The green mist becomes a long coil of green smoke, and the yellow mist becomes a yellow ball of energy. 
  • When Fleming's green coil and the gray man's yellow ball collide, the coil wraps around the ball and it explodes, sending both men backwards across the room. 
  • The windows explode outward.
  • Well, that was interesting.
  • Fleming tells Josh to stay out of the way as he makes a throwing motion with his arm.
  • Josh sees nothing, but books are instantly ripped from the shelves, thrown into a heap in the center of the floor. Then they explode. Seriously, what's with all the explosions? 
  • The two men in overcoats are blown back by the explosion, and Josh is able to see their dead-looking gray skin and eyes like polished stone.
  • In fact, Josh realizes, their eyes are stones. Creepy.
  • Nick Fleming, referring to the two men in overcoats with stone eyes, says that the gray man brought Golems. Oh, good to know. Except… what are Golems?
  • More invisible balls are tossed into the room, and the gray man tells Fleming that he is impressed with his perfected technique.
  • Well, I've been practicing, Fleming tells the guy.
  • The gray man tells Fleming that he has been looking for him for a long time, and wants something of his returned to him.
  • No dice. Fleming says that he burned "it" a long time ago.
  • Uh oh.
  • Time to fly. Fleming and Josh try to escape through a door hidden behind books into an empty dry cleaners shop.
  • Phew. That was close.