Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 21

By Michael Scott

Chapter 21

  • Let's jump back to the twins.
  • The pterosaur delivers Josh and Sophie back to Scatty in the tree. We hate to say it, but their escape plan was a colossal failure. 
  • They join Flamel, who tells them it is their destiny to be here. 
  • This next part is totally awesome, and we recommend reading it for yourself. But we will tell you that Flamel finally explains to the twins that they must accept the scariest thought ever: they are "trapped in this impossible world."
  • There is no escape.
  • But why are Sophie and I so important? Josh asks. 
  • Because the Codex prophesies that "the two that are one" have the power to save the world or to destroy it (or both, because one twin may have the power to save, and the other twin power to destroy). 
  • That means that the twins, who are the two that are one, hold the seeds of survival and destruction in their identical hands.
  • Flamel goes on to tell them that the Morrigan is teaming up with Bastet to attack Hekate's Shadowrealm. 
  • That's when young Hekate awakens and joins them. 
  • She tells the group she wished they had not come because now she must take sides and go to battle against her sister and niece. 
  • Oh, and she really doesn't want to Awaken Sophie and Josh because the sensory overload could kill them. 
  • Then she leaves abruptly. Hekate is such a mystery, isn't she?