Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 22

By Michael Scott

Chapter 22

  • Josh, desperate for answers, tries to reach out and touch Scatty. Before he can even touch her, he finds himself nose to nose with Scatty's sword. 
  • Scatty tells him he is lucky she's learned to control her temper, because she might have killed him. 
  • The twins learn that Scatty is the originator of all the martial arts. Well, that explains the quick temper. Sort of.
  • She decides to teach them a few moves while they wait for Flamel, as Sophie and Josh know a little bit of karate and tae kwon do. 
  • When they question her more about whether they will really die if Hekate Awakens them, she says she is not sure. 
  • But the twins will definitely be in grave danger no matter what.
  • Meanwhile, Nicholas Flamel is still trying to convince Hekate to Awaken the twins' powers. Hekate tells him that "great change always comes down to the actions of a single person." 
  • She references that the man who created iron wound up erasing the entire Elder Race from the earth.
  • Then Hekate watches the twins and Scatty sparring. 
  • Knowing that although they look like three regular teenagers, there is nothing ordinary about any of them, she asks Flamel whether he'd be able to live with their deaths on his conscience. 
  • He replies that he has lost many friends over the years and still feels their losses every day. 
  • She gently replies that Nicholas Flamel is still human, and not a monster like Dr. John Dee. 
  • Then, finally, she agrees to Awaken the twins. 
  • For his part, Flamel just hopes it's not too late.