Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 26

By Michael Scott

Chapter 26

  • When he finds Josh so upset, Flamel tries to reassure him that Sophie will be all right. 
  • But Josh is not a happy camper. He knows that Flamel has known all along just how dangerous the Awakening process is. 
  • Flamel swears that he knew the twins would survive because he could tell that their auras were so strong. 
  • Although he wants to believe the old guy, Josh just can't. 
  • Unfortunately, this is no time for a deeper discussion. Scatty interrupts and tells them they need to book it. Things are about to get real.
  • Flamel tells Josh to just keep going and not to stop no matter what happens.
  • So the three of them, with an unconscious Sophie in tow, wind their way through the underground tunnels of the Yggdrasill and emerge into a totally intense magical battle. 
  • They hear cries and realize it is the World Tree. Their enemies know that Hekate's power is linked to it, and are attacking the tree as a means of destroying Hekate.
  • Flamel spots Dee, and is surprised to be happy to see him. 
  • Dee is human, after all, and thus must have arrived by human transportation. 
  • In other words—there's probably a car waiting just outside the Shadowrealm. They have a ride.
  • The group watches a Torc Allta approach Dee, with hopes that the beast will destroy their enemy. But Dee's sword destroys the Torc Allta instead, freezing the animal solid on contact. Oh, and by the way, this sword was once King Arthur's sword Excalibur, the Sword of Ice. Well that explains it.
  • Scatty runs ahead to clear the way. Flamel tells Josh to run, holding Sophie, after Scatty, who will lead them to safety. Flamel will cover the twins from behind.
  • Josh runs and finally reaches Scatty, but as he turns around, he sees Bastet attack Flamel. 
  • Bastet knocks him to the ground, slicing his protective stick in two. 
  • This can't be good.