Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 27

By Michael Scott

Chapter 27

  • Let's check in with Perenelle.
  • She is moved from her tiny cell by four guards dressed entirely in leather. Yowza.
  • Frankly, she isn't even sure if they are human. They could be simulacra, artificial creatures grown in vats of bubbling liquid. Yeah, of course. Creatures grown in vats.
  • The wheels are turning in Perenelle's head. She tries to think of a spell to use on the guards, but she is so weakened from her contact with the ghosts that she can't. 
  • Suddenly, the ghost of Jefferson Miller reappears and Perenelle knows right away what this means: her husband is in danger.
  • Jefferson Miller's eyes reveal the image of her husband trapped beneath Bastet.
  • Perenelle gets so angry, her aura repels the guards and she is able to escape.
  • As she flees the guards, she takes a moment to crouch over a puddle on the floor. 
  • We promise, this is going somewhere. 
  • In the puddle, she conjures up the scene she saw in the ghost's eyes. She realizes there's one thing she could do to help her husband, even though it will leave her so exhausted that the guards would easily be able to pick her up and take her away. 
  • She doesn't think twice.
  • Perenelle concentrates her aura into a silver-white ball. She throws the ball at the image on the puddle floor, uttering three words: 
  • "Sophie. Wake up!"