Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 28

By Michael Scott

Chapter 28

  • Sophie's eyes snap open and she looks around her. She realizes the cats and birds, and burning World Tree were not dreams. 
  • She sees Scatty sword-fighting and Flamel trapped beneath Bastet. 
  • Flamel whispers "Run" to Sophie, but a voice in Sophie's head says that she must let Perenelle speak through her.
  • Josh sees Sophie has woken up. He tries to go to her, but is stopped by an attack by a slender man with the face of a tabby cat. 
  • He expects to feel sharp claws dig into his chest any moment, but all he hears is gentle purring.
  • Looking down, he sees a kitten in his arms. Um, okay.
  • As Sophie walks past Josh, she doesn't even recognize her own brother. 
  • Bastet commands Sophie not come any closer, but Sophie opens her mouth and croaks in a harsh tone: "You have no idea what I can do to you."
  • Bastet laughs. As if, Soph.
  • Sophie continues to say that she can return the creatures—the army of cats and birds—to their natural forms, and that she could touch the cat goddess too to reveal her true shape.
  • Then, the new and improved version of Sophie really shows her stuff. She cracks a whip of pure energy at the creatures, transforming them back into everyday cats. 
  • The birds Scatty is fighting turn into robins and sparrows.
  • Sophie tells Bastet to get away from Nicholas. 
  • When Bastet asks who Sophie is, she gets the following answer: beware this girl because she is your doom. 
  • Finally, Bastet is scared for the first time in thousands of years.
  • Flamel drags himself to his feet and goes up to Sophie, asking if it is Perenelle.
  • Sophie's mouth replies that Perenelle is in San Francisco, held in the basement of Enoch Enterprises. 
  • She says to take the children south to the Witch.
  • The who?