Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 29

By Michael Scott

Chapter 29

  • Now it's time to hear from Dee.
  • Dr. John Dee is super nervous. 
  • The problem is, Flamel, Scatty, and the twins have managed to escape from the World Tree with the missing pages from the Codex. 
  • Now, Hekate, Bastet, and the Morrigan are having a standoff. Hekate launches insects at her sister and niece, sending Bastet howling away, and separating her and the Morrigan.
  • Dee sees Bastet pin Flamel, sees something is happening to Flamel's group, and then witnesses everyday cats and birds flying in every direction. In a word: chaos.
  • Dee thinks it is Hekate's strength that is doing this, and realizes it has to end now, so he does something… drastic.
  • He plunges his sword, Excalibur, into the heart of the World Tree. The tree spurts a blue stain on everything as it starts to die. 
  • Hekate is dying too; her life force is connected to the tree after all. 
  • She flickers through her three faces rapidly while the blue stain creeps up her body and hardens her skin, turning it to ice crystals.
  • That's no way to go.
  • Bastet and the Morrigan tell Dee that this was not Hekate's doing. Someone spoke through the girl. Senuhet runs up and tells them Flamel and the others have escaped, and they have stolen the car.
  • Dee howls in rage and hurls Excalibur at the World Tree. 
  • The Yggdrasill comes crashing down, crushing the crystallized body of Hekate to dust.