Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 31

By Michael Scott

Chapter 31

  • Bad news, guys: the Shadowrealm is breaking down. 
  • Dee, Bastet, and the Morrigan have only a few moments before Hekate's whole world collapses.
  • And the Morrigan and Bastet are getting antsy. Shouldn't they book? 
  • Not so fast. Dee wants to stick around to use his necromancy skills to talk to the dead goddess of Hekate.
  • So he conjures her face in a bubble and commands Hekate to talk to him.
  • She tells him that Flamel believes the twins are the ones from the prophecy. 
  • Well, what do you believe? Dee wants to know. 
  • Hekate's not so sure about the twins. It could go either way.
  • Suddenly Bastet has a burning question: did Hekate Awaken the twins' magical powers?
  • Quick thinking Hekate sees a loophole in the question and answers no. 
  • Unfortunately, Bastet believes that she's lying, even though she knows that under the necromancy spell, a person cannot lie.
  • So Dee rephrases the question, this time asking whether she Awakened the girl.
  • Out comes the truth: Hekate Awakened the girl, but not the boy. 
  • The Shadowrealm is just about to collapse. The Morrigan, Bastet, and Dee race away, leaving behind Senuhet and the remnants of their armies to be destroyed.