Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 32

By Michael Scott

Chapter 32

  • Just in the nick of time, Dee, the Morrigan, and Bastet tumble out of the Shadowrealm. 
  • It's time to figure out Plan B. 
  • Cryptically, Dee suggests that the boy is the key. 
  • He thinks he can use Josh's fears and insecurities to bring him over to their side, so the three try to figure out who might be able to Awaken Josh if he were to join them.
  • The Morrigan, obviously, says Dee. She should do it because she killed her sisters and absorbed their power, so she's got the skills to handle the job. 
  • Um, who you callin' a sister killer, ya jerk? The Morrigan leaps at him.
  • Dee tells her to calm down. He has already killed one Elder today, he doesn't want to add another to his total.
  • Bastet angrily asks her niece if it is true that the Morrigan's sisters, Macha, and Badb are dead. The Morrigan replies that they are, though they died willingly and live inside her. (Um, gross?)
  • Despite her irritation, she agrees she could Awaken Josh.
  • The three try to figure out where Flamel might be headed now, and they realize the twins would be heading to someone who can teach Sophie how to control her powers. 
  • The Morrigan senses they are heading south, which means that the posse is headed for the Witch of Endor in Ojai. 
  • They decide to try to get the pages of the Codex and capture and kill the twins so that Flamel cannot use them.
  • Bastet and the Morrigan set off on their own, leaving Dee in the dust. 
  • The poor guy calls after them, "How do I get to Ojai?" but they don't answer.
  • Fed up with their cruel treatment, Dee pledges not to let them abandon him, like they did their armies and Senuhet.