Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 33

By Michael Scott

Chapter 33

  • After a nine-hour drive (here's hoping they had some good tunes), Josh, Flamel, Scatty, and Sophie finally arrive at Ojai to visit the Witch of Endor.
  • Oh and did we mention she's the original witch? Yep, you heard that right. 
  • Before they enter, Flamel warns them that the person they're going to see is difficult. 
  • But no matter how difficult she is, they have to see her for two reasons: (1) Perenelle said so and (2) she's the Mistress of Air and can teach Sophie the basics of Air magic.
  • Plus she can help Sophie protect herself from her magical powers. 
  • And those powers seem like quite the burden at the moment. Sophie feels sensory overload all the time. Whispers are like shouts to her, and everything is so amplified that her body hurts.
  • They hope the Witch can help her, because both Sophie and Josh feel helpless.
  • Unfortunately, when they arrive at the Witch's shop, a sign on the door tells them she's out to lunch. They enter the antique shop anyway. 
  • Inside, there are mirrors everywhere. Sophie feels completely overwhelmed by her intense feelings and wonders how much more she can take. 
  • Just then, Scatty comes up with an idea to help her, so she presses her fingers to Sophie's and draws out her feelings. 
  • Josh is scared and angry—just what in the world does Scatty think she's doing to his sister?—but Sophie is grateful for the relief. 
  • Scatty explains that her race of Clan Vampires came about after the fall of Danu Talis, the Elder kingdom known as Atlantis.
  • Hmm. Danu Talis? Sounds like it's time for another Elder history lesson. Ready? Okay: 
  • Danu Talis fell because the ruling Twins—the Sun and Moon—fought on top of the Great Pyramid, releasing wild magic into nature. 
  • This magic caused changes in the Next Generation. Some were born as monsters, some as shape shifters, and some, like those who became the Clan Vampire, who were unable to feel. 
  • This last trait has made them great warriors because they do not fear and have no anger, but they also cannot love or feel happy. Bummer.
  • Scatty explains that by stealing Sophie's feelings, she is just taking away her anger and fear, and thus her pain. 
  • Josh, dumbstruck, asks why anyone would want to do that. 
  • So that they can feel alive, Scatty says.