Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 35

By Michael Scott

Chapter 35

  • Back in Ojai, the Witch of Endor enters her antique shop. Sophie and Josh immediately realize that she is blind. 
  • The Witch tells Flamel to call her Dora, and turns to Scatty, talking in a language Sophie is surprised she can understand. 
  • Hey Josh, allow Sophie to translate: Dora wants to know why her granddaughter hasn't come to see her for 300 years, or e-mailed, phoned, or even looked in a mirror to talk to her.
  • Uh oh, looks like there's trouble in this vampire-witch family.
  • But Scatty and her Gran work it out. They make up and continue to chat. 
  • Sophie and Josh realize that Dora can somehow see them through the mirrors, even though she is blind. Oh so that's what they're there for.
  • Flamel asks the Witch to tell them what happened in the Shadowrealm today—you know, after they fled it. 
  • Bad news, Flamel. Dora tells him that the Shadowrealm is no more, and that Hekate is dead.
  • She tells Scatty that because Hekate was family, she'll need to avenge her death.
  • Sure thing, says Scatty. 
  • As it turns out, Dora saw all this coming. In fact, she saw the events of today a full month ago, because she sees all the potential versions of the future. Of course only one of the versions she sees ever comes to pass. 
  • The twins are startled to see that she has no eyes—just reflective mirrors. 
  • That's because she gave up her eyes in exchange for the gift of Sight. 
  • Dora agrees to help train Sophie because she knows that the Dark Elders can only be stopped by Silver and Gold.
  • Sure, Dora. Whatever you say.