Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 36

By Michael Scott

Chapter 36

  • Dora makes Josh leave while she trains Sophie, which of course makes poor Josh feel more than a little left out. 
  • When Josh has gone, the Witch questions Sophie about her family, hinting to Scatty that she should keep in touch with her own family more. 
  • The Witch teaches Sophie secrets of the past through a web of air attaching to Sophie's skin. 
  • With that web, Sophie sees everything the Witch of Endor has ever seen—which is a lot. We're talking dinosaurs, dragons, and cities carved into mountains of ice. 
  • When Sophie opens her eyes, the whites are filled with sparkles. 
  • Lesson over. 
  • Scatty and her grandmother embrace. 
  • And Dora tells her granddaughter to make sure that Sophie uses her rare and terrible power for good. 
  • Suddenly the scent of rotten eggs fills the air. Dee is near, and Sophie is worried because Josh is out there—alone.