Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 37

By Michael Scott

Chapter 37

  • Dee arrives in Ojai and tries to find Josh—he needs his gold aura. 
  • We then learn that Dee has lived in Ojai before, at the beginning of the 20th century, but he didn't like it. He likes big cities where he can remain anonymous.
  • Dee finds Josh entirely by chance, spotting him in Libbey Park near a fountain.
  • Suddenly, the action switches to Josh's thoughts, and we learn he left Dora's antique shop and walked along the promenade, stopping to check out ice cream flavors at the local store.
  • He realizes he doesn't have his wallet—he left it, along with his iPod, phone, and laptop, back at the World Tree. 
  • Well, there goes his homework, oh and his music files, too. Oh and worst of all, he has lost all of the contact info for all the friends he has made over the years as he and Sophie hopped from school to school, following their archaeologist parents. 
  • He wonders sadly is Sophie still loves him, with her being so different and he so ordinary. Sheesh, that's rough.
  • Suddenly he hears a voice that asks if he was a victim, too.
  • Josh is surprised to see it is Dr. John Dee. Dee continues to claim both he and Josh are victims of Nicholas Flamel.
  • Oh we totally are onto you, Dee. He's trying to turn Josh against Flamel, telling him that the guy lies, and that he stole the Codex. 
  • Josh remembers Flamel himself told him to question everything, so now he doesn't know what to think.
  • Fine, Dee will just have to give it to him straight. He tells the boy that the return of the Dark Elders would change the world for the better. 
  • As he relates to him the story of Danu Talis and the Elders' fall, beautiful illustrations of his words appear in the water. (For more scoop on this scene and the allegory of Danu Talis, check out "Symbols.")
  • Dee tells Josh that his Elders can Awaken him, too, and Josh becomes hypnotized by the water's images. 
  • In his dazed state, Josh tells Dee where Flamel is located. 
  • Oh no. 
  • And Dee's off in search of his nemesis.