Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 38

By Michael Scott

Chapter 38

  • Flamel smells Dr. John Dee is near. 
  • He, Scatty, and Sophie run out to find Josh. 
  • But there's just one problem: they encounter an army of skeletons wearing Civil War uniforms and realize that Dee has used his powers of necromancy to raise the dead. 
  • Not. Cool. Dude.
  • Flamel tells Sophie to get Dora, but Dora has already done everything she could. Now it's up to Sophie to do something.
  • By allowing anger to surge into her aura, Sophie manages to set a mini twister loose on the skeletons and mummies.
  • It's an awesome trick, but unfortunately, there are just too many zombies to fend off. 
  • Dee's voice calls from the fog, saying that he has called all the corpses from the cemetery. 
  • He taunts Flamel by saying that he discovered the mountains have been luring other creatures for the past millennium, and he can re-animate them, too.
  • Saber-tooth tigers and 8-foot-tall bears emerge from the gloom.
  • Dee says he wants the Codex, or else he'll set all the creatures loose.
  • Flamel snaps his fingers to create a tiny green bubble of light to try to see Dee, but a Saber-tooth tiger steps in its green threads, gets caught, and is about to fall on Flamel. 
  • Dee calls out goodbye to Flamel. He says that he'll take the missing pages from Flamel's dead body.
  • But Sophie has something else in mind, thank you very much. 
  • She opens her mouth and screams, her aura blasting silver.