Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 39

By Michael Scott

Chapter 39

  • Josh awakes when he hears Sophie's scream. He feels so helpless against Dee when he has no powers. 
  • But then he realizes that he is not useless. Not useless at all.
  • The action switches to Sophie, whose scream shatters the bones of the skeletons and reanimated Saber-tooth tigers. 
  • Scatty runs to the dangerously weakened Flamel, and tries to convince him to give Dee the pages. She reminds him that "he who retreats lives longer," but he won't budge.
  • Flamel asks if she can get Sophie away from here, but Scatty tells him it's no good. 
  • When Flamel suggests that Scatty head out on her own, to save herself, she merely tells him that they are in this together to the end. Aw, teamwork!
  • Dee calls out that it is time for Nicholas Flamel to die. 
  • No way, José. Suddenly, a monster emerges from the fog—the black Hummer. 
  • With Josh behind the wheel, the Hummer careens into the fountain and runs straight into Dee. 
  • In an instant, all the dead are gone.
  • Sophie screams with delight when she sees her brother—he's okay! 
  • But her screams of delight quickly turn into a cry of horror when one of those pesky 8-foot bears takes a lunge at them.
  • Scatty fends it off and they all flee into the Witch of Endor's shop.
  • Inside, Dora explains that Ojai is so special because it is built where ley lines meet.
  • These ley lines are energy lines that cross the globe. Think of them as magical shipping lanes, or flight paths. 
  • Dora shows them how to use a leygate by jumping through a mirror into another place. The mirror she has will bring them to Paris, France, Flamel's home.
  • Then the action switches to a bruised Dee, who races into the shop just in time to see the gang jump through the mirror. 
  • Only Josh is left to jump.
  • Dee tries one last time to tell Josh that he can Awaken him, and tries to convince him that the rest of the gang had left him behind yet again. 
  • Josh hesitates, unsure what to think. (We think, jump, Josh, jump!)
  • Then, in the nick of time, Sophie steps back through the mirror. She tells Josh that she came back for him because he is her brother. She'll never abandon him. 
  • The twins jump through the mirror together.
  • Dora shatters the mirror to Paris. She tells Dee he has about three seconds to leave the shop—or else. 
  • He doesn't quite make it out before the shop explodes.