Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 40

By Michael Scott

Chapter 40

  • It's time to shake things up, it seems.
  • This chapter is composed of excerpts from newspapers. 
  • The first headline reads: "Movie Company Causes Mayhem in Scenic Ojai."
  • The article blames the strange goings on and mayhem in Ojai on movie stunts for Enoch Films, a division of Enoch Enterprises. 
  • Dr. John Dee, their chairman, apologizes for the confusion, blaming the weather for the scariness of the special effects.
  • It also reports that a drunk driver crashed into the Libbey fountain. Dee has promised to restore it.
  • A second headline reads: "Local Antique Shop Devastated by Explosion." 
  • The article blames Dora Witcherly's shop's explosion on faulty wiring.