Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 41

By Michael Scott

Chapter 41

  • Back in Alcatraz, Perenelle is afraid for Flamel and the twins. 
  • She wonders where they are, and realizes she and her husband have only about a month to live before they die of extreme old age.
  • So, to put it mildly, they're in a bit of a rush. 
  • As she blinks away tears, she realizes that if the Dark Elders rise, civilization will fall.
  • Suddenly Jefferson Miller's ghost pops up again. He tells her that Flamel and the children are safe, and that they escaped from Ojai to Paris through a leygate.
  • Thanks, Mr. Ghost Man! Perenelle now knows that the key to their survival now lies in finding someone—anyone!—to Awaken Josh and train both twins in the Five Magics. 
  • The Sphinx turns to Perenelle and says, "It is ending, Immortal."
  • Oh really, Sphinxy? Perenelle thinks it's only just beginning.