Study Guide

The Alchemyst Chapter 8

By Michael Scott

Chapter 8

  • Meanwhile, Dee is getting frustrated with the new complication in his plan. 
  • The dude really needs those two pages.
  • He pours soda into a silver dish on his lap and allows some of his aura to seep into it as he utters the scrying spell. 
  • He sees through the rat's eyes into the dojo. Well, that's strange, but we can dig it.
  • Scatty accuses Flamel of being up to something.
  • Flamel mysteriously smiles (way to ease her suspicions, buddy) and tells her he wants her to protect and train the twins for what is to come.
  • Looks like the twins won't be going home anytime soon.
  • Sophie and Josh call their parents and invent an excuse: that Perry and her husband invited the twins to join them for a little break at their home in the desert. 
  • The twins hold their breath as they wait for a response, and are overjoyed to hear that their parents are cool with the idea. 
  • Frankly, they're too busy discovering fossils on their dig to worry about their kids' shenanigans. 
  • Josh Googles Scathach (we recommend you do the same) and sees that she's a real figure, also called "the Shadowy One." 
  • Sophie sees rats and realizes they're still being watched. 
  • Then we start to view the scene through the eyes of the rat. Dee's still spying, it seems.
  • He sees the twins, and a sudden thought strikes him. He wants to kill these kids. 
  • As Sophie and Josh suss out the situation, the spying rat leaps with its teeth bared toward them, but splats against the window. 
  • The twins see three huge Golems suddenly pushing their way through the alley, followed by tons of rats. 
  • Time to book.