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Judge Everett Corbett in Alex Cross's Trial

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Judge Everett Corbett

Stoic, tough, and always in charge, Judge Corbett is a tricky guy to get to know. While we don't see him very often in the book, we do know a lot about his views all the same. First and foremost, he's the boss. As he puts it:

"I am in charge of this trial. I am in charge of this courtroom. I have ruled that this jury is fit to serve." (100.9)

In other words, sit down and shut it because Corbett isn't interested in your complaints.

It's really no wonder he and his son, Ben, don't get along very well. Corbett isn't very nice, and while he acts all holier-than-thou by quoting scripture and making bold statements about how all races are equal, he simultaneously blocks most of Jonah's case against the White Raiders. Inasmuch as Ben walks the walk, his dad only talks the talk…when it's convenient. Eudora's a racist place, though, and white folks have Judge Corbett on a pedestal. Which, of course, is where he prefer to be—it's much easier to run the show from on-high, after all.

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