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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 102

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Chapter 102

  • Ben turns around and finds a Black man standing a few feet away calling his name.
  • When he tells the guy to come over and talk to him in the park, the man responds that he can't—that's a whites only park.
  • Ben goes over to the where the guy is standing, and learns his new friend is from the Indianapolis Cross.
  • It turns out he's met the guy before. His name is Marcus, and he's the kid who helped Ben carry his mom to the doctor the day she collapsed in the general store.
  • Remember the redheaded kid? He's none other than Henry North, who is on trial.
  • Marcus tells him that he's followed Ben's career as a lawyer and knows he tried to help out Black people. That always gave him hope that something might turn around one day.
  • Hearing the guy talk, Ben feels a glimmer of hope himself.

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