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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

  • Ben and Jonah are left scratching their heads. Why would Moody say there was a search warrant, when there wasn't? What's she up to?
  • At first Ben's ticked off, but then he realizes what's happening. Moody is throwing Maxwell for a loop. The guy's not sure how to carry on with the case because he knows Moody is lying, but he can't admit it without bringing himself down.
  • Maxwell and the judge keep telling her she must tell the truth in court—or else—but instead of fessing up, Moody smiles innocently and says she is telling the truth. That's exactly what they say happened that night, right?
  • No one else saw the warrant but Moody, so that's why no one else could testify about it.
  • It occurs to Ben that Moody just changed the game. Before everyone thought Abraham and Moody were cranky liars up to no good, but now they are trustworthy citizens who were attacked. It just took one lie to change all that.

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