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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

  • Ben decides to test out his latest plan. We're not sure what it is, but we know it involves breaking the law, so Jonah can't come along.
  • Moody and L.J., on the other hand, aren't lawyers in the trial of the century, so they join in.
  • The three of them go to Scooter's place and break in.
  • They don't want to steal anything, but Ben knows the guy is always lurking around with his camera and wants to get some photos as evidence.
  • As they look through the stacks of photos, they find so many of men being lynched, including Moody's brother.
  • In many of the photos, the jury members or people Ben knew growing up are watching—or participating—in the lynching. It makes him feel sick.
  • Just then, Ben hears a voice behind the curtain.

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