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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 124

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Chapter 124

  • Ben leaves the courthouse and tries to dodge all the reporters outside.
  • They've been there throughout the trial, but they are particularly feisty today since the jury is deciding the case. One of them even thrusts a $20 bill in his hand for an interview.
  • As he rushes back home, Ben avoids as many reporters as he can.
  • When he arrives, he writes a letter to Meg explaining what's happening. He says he loves her and wants them to still be married, but he's worried she won't be there when he gets home. He knows he's made her wait around a lot, and he's sorry for that.
  • But he's not sorry for the fact that he's helping people no one else will, and he has to keep following his principles.
  • He hopes she can understand.

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