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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 129

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Chapter 129

  • In town, Ben and Moody walk down the street hand-in-hand; everyone stares at them as they walk past.
  • When they get to the store, Doc Conover claims he doesn't have any wintergreen oil, even though Ben can see it on the shelf.
  • Next stop: Slide Inn. There's a big sign out front that says, "Whites Only," but who is going to stop them?
  • Ben and Moody stroll up and ask for a table and some iced tea.
  • The waitress there says the last gal was fired for sympathizing with Ben so he can't stay.
  • Someone spits on him; another calls him a nasty and racist name.
  • Ben doesn't care if he causes a riot, though, so he kisses Moody, right there in the street.
  • Everyone starts chasing them away, and they run all the way to the Quarter.

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