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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

  • Police Chief Phineas shows up on a horse, yelling at Ben that he better back off, or else.
  • Doc Conover is there, too, joking about how he should have brought Ben the wintergreen oil after all.
  • Meanwhile, Aunt Henry gets out a gun and shoots Conover in the elbow. He's hurt but he's not dead.
  • Ben grabs the policeman's whip and gets Phineas off his horse.
  • The two of them are rolling around on the ground fighting when Ben takes the upper hand.
  • He can kill Phineas, and he knows Phineas wants to kill him, but he decides not to—Ben doesn't want to kill people unnecessarily.
  • So he lets go of Phineas and jokes that the Doc might need some wintergreen oil after all.

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