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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

  • At the White House, President Roosevelt greets Ben with a happy grin.
  • Ben's not sure what the guy is so excited about, but the President explains that Ben's a hero around here—everyone respects the work he did down in Eudora, and people have been talking about him non-stop.
  • He explains to Ben that he didn't want to interfere before the trial, but now that it's over, he's going to make a big press statement that the whole thing was his idea. Roosevelt even says they're lucky the trial came along. Hooray.
  • Ben can't believe what he's hearing. Sure the president sent him down there, but he was nowhere to be found when it came to the trial or getting justice…and now he wants to take all the credit? Ben's annoyed, and tells Roosevelt he doesn't want to stick around for this.
  • Roosevelt is a little hurt, but he doesn't stop Ben from leaving.

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