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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • President Roosevelt pours them some drinks as he explains a little more about the situation to Ben: The mission, should he choose to accept it, is to go to Eudora and figure out what's really going down.
  • Are there lynchings? Are Black people living in peace? Is the KKK alive and thriving down there? These are the million dollar questions he wants Ben to sort through.
  • Of course President Roosevelt can't officially send someone down there, since governors and congressmen have sworn up and down that there's no such problem in Eudora.
  • So Ben's cover story is that he's interviewing a few federal judges in the area.
  • Roosevelt gives him a slip of paper before he leaves and tells Ben that he trusts the guy whose name is written on it.
  • As Ben leaves the White House, he secretly hopes he runs into someone he recognizes so he can name drop.
  • Then he looks at the paper in his pocket. It has a name on it that he doesn't recognize: Abraham Cross.
  • He confides in us that he's actually seen a lynching once.

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