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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Back in the present, Ben goes home and finds Meg still angry with him.
  • He tells her that he's just gotten back from the White House, which makes her excited for a second—she thinks this means he'll be working with the President, and that finally something good is happening to them.
  • Nope, Ben explains; he's just working for the president on a top-secret mission that he can't tell her anything about.
  • Meg's ticked off. First she tells him that she's sick of waiting around for him, and now he's running off so she can wait longer? That's so unfair.
  • She warns him that if he leaves now, she won't be waiting for him when he gets back. In fact, he doesn't even need to bother coming home.
  • Just then, they realize Amelia and Alice are listening in the doorway.
  • Ben takes them back to their room, tucks them in, and kisses them goodnight.
  • Before he leaves, Amelia pleads with him not to go—she worries they'll never see him again if he does because of what mom said.
  • It's then that Ben realizes that his daughter might be right.

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