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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • Henley McNeill, a fellow passenger on the train, introduces himself to Ben. He's a grain trader, and grew up on the Mississippi.
  • When he asks Ben what he's doing with so many newspapers, Ben tells him the truth: he's researching lynching.
  • Henley shares his two-cents on the topic.
  • First of all, the newspapers don't always tell the truth, so watch out; and secondly, Henley doesn't think that white people hate Black people. Instead, he thinks they're afraid of Black people.
  • Why? Black people are stealing jobs and opportunities from white people, and it's tougher now to make a living. Or so Henley's reasoning goes.
  • He thinks Black people just have to figure out a way to be peaceful and understand this fact—and if not, Henley suggests they just get rid of Black people. Yikes.

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