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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Right there in front of him is his first crush, Elizabeth Begley. Only she's still 11 years old.
  • Ben realizes that the little blonde girl is actually Elizabeth's daughter, when the real (ahem, adult) Elizabeth trails behind her.
  • The two of them meet and exchange pleasantries. She's all, "It's been way too long. Let's catch up." He figures they will at some point, being such a small town and all.
  • When Elizabeth says she bets the judge is thrilled to have Ben home, he nods and pretends that's true.
  • We get the sense that there's a history between Ben and his dad, but we're not exactly sure what it involves.
  • Before we know it, Elizabeth has to run her daughter (whose name is Emma, by the way) to dance class, so they say goodbye.

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