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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

  • Ben is quite pleased with the gumbo situation, and after he finishes, Abraham gives him some sugar cane to chew on since it was really spicy.
  • Moody is all sass when her grandpa asks her if she wants some, though, and this launches Abraham into a mini-lecture about how his two grandkids behave.
  • It's fine that they're comfortable here with Ben, but they have to be really careful—other white men won't be as easy going as him.
  • Abraham says anything a Black person says these days can get him beaten or worse.
  • Moody fills Ben in on the details. There's a story about a Black man working hard in a white woman's yard, and her refusing to pay. He asked for his money, and instead of giving it to him, she called the cops and complained he was harassing her. He got hanged.
  • There's another about some Black kids sitting on the sidewalk talking who got their teeth punched in.
  • Moody's even dealt with it. Just yesterday she was bringing the ironing in the house to Mrs. Cooper when her son starting saying dirty jokes to her.
  • She just ignored him, but he got to second base and ran away laughing.
  • Ben can tell Moody is really upset, so he tells her that she shouldn't worry—he's there to help the situation.
  • Moody tells him he better go home. Nothing can be done about it now.

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