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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

  • Miss Fanny and Ben ask one of the kitchen helpers what happened, and though the boy is reluctant to tell them at first, eventually he spills the beans.
  • A Black girl named Annie was walking home when Jasper Young (who owns the hardware store) asked her for a good time.
  • When she refused, he told her she didn't have a choice—he's white and she has to listen to what he says. Then he raped her.
  • Annie told her mom when she got home, and her dad and brother went over to Jasper's house in a rage.
  • Once they got there, they smashed his stuff and punched Jasper a couple times.
  • When the neighbors got word, though, they summoned a crowd to get Annie's dad and brother and kill them for breaking into Jasper's place.
  • Ben asks where this took place, and the kid tells him Frog Creek.

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